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Welcome the Wild Colonial Bhoys!

Saturday, March 11, the amazing Wild Colonial Bhoys will join SSG for a show for St. Germain Parish in Oak Lawn, IL.

SSG has known Adam Coolong and the Wild Colonial Bhoys since March in 2015, when they performed at Ballydoyle Irish Pub in Downer's Grove, IL. As they have for years, the Wild Colonial Bhoys performed an incredible show, full of thought, reverence, and immense talent.

In the summer of 2016, Adam helped SSG record and produce its first album, "Need Not Apply." His knowledge of music, sound, and the industry was invaluable throughout the experience.

SSG is extraordinarily excited to share the stage with the Wild Colonial Bhoys, who will play following SSG from 10:30 to midnight on Saturday. See you there!